RLC Grand Prairie

A Renewed Mind

July 22, 2020


(Rom 12:2; 1 Cor. 2:16)
Having the mind of Christ means… 
  1.  I am keenly aware of God’s presence in my life
  2. I see me for who I really am
  3. I realize there is plan and purpose for my life
  4. I have been called to live my life for HIS glory - I live to please God alone.
  5. I rely on God’s power rather than my own ability
  6. I submit to HIS will not mine
  7. I understand what it means to be a servant (to serve)
  8. I understand what it mean to be a dispenser of grace 
  9. I learn the power of my words (control my tongue) 
  10. I live my life today with eternity in mind.

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